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Yuva Bhushan

National movement and competition by Yuvak Biradari (Bharat)


Yuvak Biradari (Bharat) is a national award winning organization working at pan-India level since 1974, cherishing the goals of humanity and nation building. It is a social, educational, cultural and youth movement in India. It has endeavoured to establish and promote Insaani Biradari (Universal Brotherhood). It also aims at strengthening the social fabric of India in order to realize the vision of a vibrant, prosperous, peaceful and enlightened nation.

Biradari draws its philosophical inspiration from the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, and from the thoughts and visions of Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore. One of Biradari's prime concerns has been national integration , whereby the multi-cultural and multi-religious society of India needs to be brought together as One People, One Nation.

Drawing inspiration from the famous Bharat Chhodo movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1942, Biradari gave the clarion call of "Bharat Jodo" in 1974 in order to build a strong socio-cultural foundation that could ensue and sustain rigorous development in the coming decades.

The guiding principles of Yuvak Biradari consist of the twin concept: Rachana (construction) and Prabodhan (awakening). Biradari awakens 'reason' and 'conscience' in youth so that they can identify themselves as one with fellow human beings, perform their duties and contribute to society. Their capability and potential must get ample opportunity and an environment conducive to their balanced growth so that they muster the courage to explore untrodden paths and make their life meaningful. We call this process construction. The united strength of expressive, sensitive and energetic youth strives against various social evils (viz. inequality, injustice, poverty, unemployment, exploitation, social dogmas and superstitions) so that they can nurture a healthy habit of standing up and meeting challenges to make a better tomorrow. This is one of the ways Biradari contributes to human welfare and development.

Yuvak Biradari has imbibed the philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (meaning ‘The whole world is One Big Family’). We believe and profess ‘noble karma’, and as our longest serving president Late Shri Basu Bhattacharya said, “Yuvak Biradari strives for prasaar (spread)—and not merely for prachaar (propaganda)”.

On one hand Biradari has worked for the spread of public awareness and promotion of universal human values through the medium of art and culture and on the other hand it has undertaken several constructive activities to tackle common social issues. On occasions of natural calamities and disasters in different parts of India, Biradari has responded with relief measures and voluntary service.

Yuvak Biradari recognizes the power of youth as potentially the most capable contributor to human development and nation building. For Biradars, ‘youth’ means not only a particular section of the populace that falls in a certain age-group, but all those people who could dream, dare and determine to play a constructive role in promoting human values. Furthermore, the word ‘Biradari’ evokes the feeling of a closely-knit brotherhood — which is essential to work in tandem without any discrimination on any parochial bases.

Yuvak Biradari professes what is not taught in any curriculum, and it does what is normally not done by other institutions. Perhaps this unique nature and approach of work drew the attention of Indian society. Biradari feels honoured and encouraged that the value of positive differences its programs have been making in various aspects of life since 1974 has been recognized by many bodies. Yuvak Biradari is the proud recipient of the ‘Indira Gandhi National Integration Award’ by the Government of Maharashtra and the ‘National Youth Award’ conferred by the Government of India. Biradari’s Founder and Managing Trustee Kranti Shah was conferred with the Padmashri by the President of India in 2010 for his contribution to the social sector through Yuvak Biradari. Besides, many other regional and national organisations across India have been supporting, encouraging, recognizing and honouring this organisation.

Yuvak Biradari reinvents itself with the ever changing circumstances as it understands that continuity and change are intertwined characteristics of any resurging society.

In accordance with its urge to keep pace with the changing times, on the occasion of its silver jubilee at the Taj Milan Convention at Agra in August 1999, Yuvak Biradari amended its constitution to create a separate entity ‘Insaani Biradari’ (comprising exclusively of senior Biradars) so that Yuvak Biradari could resuscitate its young character and vibrancy and lead the youth of the country confidently and add a new chapter to 21st Century India.

At times, it seems that Yuvak Biradari is probably the only organisation of its kind in India that has evolved from an organisation to an institution and finally into a massive movement with a series of unique ideas and programs. Indeed, Yuvak Biradari has become a name to reckon with in many parts of India, particularly in the fields of youth affairs, art and culture.

The arduous journey of Biradari since 1974, though, may seem a rather long one to some, but for us it is just a step in the long destiny of humanity that is cherished by all of us. At the same time, we humbly submit that this has indeed been a firm step in the right direction.

Now, we intend to take up greater responsibilities and widen the sphere of activities for the betterment of society in India as well as the international community. We are not complacent because our mission continues and the journey is on…

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